Staying Calm During the Holidays

The holidays are here!  It’s exciting because there are so many things to look forward to like family gatherings, school shows, local holiday events, holiday work dinners, church potluck and gift giving.  And, that’s just to name a few because there are many more.    This time of the year can easily turn into an overwhelmingContinue reading “Staying Calm During the Holidays”

Enjoying Disney World With a Chronic Illness

Disney World is a captivating place where without a doubt you create memorable moments. The background music that welcomes you to Main Street and the friendly cast members throughout the parks make your visit magical.  The unique musical shows, parades, fireworks and ride experiences keeps us wanting to go back to Disney over and overContinue reading “Enjoying Disney World With a Chronic Illness”

Travel Restrictions Will Not Stop Me

Years ago, when I was still working full time and Matthew was a preschooler, traveling was not my priority.  I knew that traveling with a young child would be challenging and I didn’t want to add more stress to my Scleroderma flares.  It just didn’t seem like it was the right time. I always imaginedContinue reading “Travel Restrictions Will Not Stop Me”

Bad Days: How do we keep our kids engaged when we are struggling with a lack of energy?

Balancing work at that same time as I raised an energetic preschooler while living my everyday chronic illness’ ups and downs was definitely not an easy task.  The everyday routine pushed me to move daily without slowing down. By the time I got home from work, my energy level was depleted. I have to sayContinue reading “Bad Days: How do we keep our kids engaged when we are struggling with a lack of energy?”

The Hectic Back to School Schedule

We are only a few weeks away from NYC kids starting a new school year.  It’s exciting to see my son re-energized and ready to use his brand new supplies that he picked out with great enthusiasm. This is also the beginning of back to school (BTS) events: PTA meetings, curriculum night meetings, parent’s nightContinue reading “The Hectic Back to School Schedule”


Thank you for stopping by! I created my “SlowlyandSteady” blog as a place to share my motherhood journey experience living with an autoimmune disease.  I would like to connect with other families who might find themselves parenting while struggling with a chronic illness but are enthusiastically motivated to create memories with their kids.  Going throughContinue reading “Welcome”